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How To: Do Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional analysis is the process of analyzing units to decide which conversion factors to use. You can use this in real life if you want to figure your gas mileage. Here is a link to a website to help you Dimensional Analysis definitions | Quizlet.

How To: Solve Proportions

In this how to you will learn about proportions. A proportion is comparing two ratios. Here is an example of a problem. First, you cross multiply and show your work. Next, you simplify. After, in order to get the variable alone, you divide each side by four. Since you can't divide 21 by eight without a decimal so your answer is 21/8.

How To: Do Pythagorean Theory

The Pythagorean Theory is a way to find the missing length of a right triangle. Here is a right triangle with a description. The Formula for Pythagorean's Theory is A squared + B squared = C squared. If the hypotenuse is missing then you would use the formula above. If one of the legs is missing you would use C squared - B squared = A squared or C squared - A squared = B squared. You could use this if you were a carpenter because they always use right triangles. Here is a link to help you. Py...

How To: Solve Equations with Fractions

In this how to you will learn how to solve equations with fractions. You could use this in college. Here is an example on how to do one of these problems If you don't understand this example, here is a website to help you. Solving Equations - Cool math Algebra Help Lessons - How to Deal with Fractions & Decimals.

How To: Use Indirect Measurement

In this how to you will learn how to measure things indirectly. Indirect measurement is when you calculate something's measurement by measure the shadow. First, all of your measurement have to be taken around the same time. Next, measure your height. After, measure the object's shadow. After put the tip's of your toes on the edge of an object's shadow. Now you just use a proportion to solve what the height is. Here is a link to help you. Indirect Measurement - Math Dictionary.

How To: to Use Scale Factors

A scale factor is a number used as a multiplier in dilation. Dilation is the act of being enlarged or minimized. Say you have a dimension of 3''. The scale factor is 2:1. So, you multiply the dimension by the scale factor to get your new dimension. After you multiply those numbers, you get 6''. Here is a link that relates to this subject. Scale Factor.

How To: Rational and Irrational Numbers

Rational numbers can be written as a fraction or as a/b. The "b" in a/b cannot be zero because you can't divide by zero. an example is 1.5. 1.5 can be written as 3/2/ Irrational numbers are numbers that can't be written as a fraction. A famous irrational number is pi. You can use this as a subject if you're a math teacher. Here is a video to help understand.

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